Alan Wake to be adapted for TV

We come to you today with an announcement for all the passionate fans of Alan Wake out there.

Drumroll please…

Contradiction Films and Remedy Entertainment are developing a live action TV series based on Alan Wake.

Read the official press release here.

Alan Wake is a franchise near and dear to many people’s hearts. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to tell you that work is underway on bringing Alan Wake to TV.

We’ve been trying to find the right team to bring our vision for the Alan Wake TV show to life for a while. Tomas Harlan and Tim Carter of Contradiction Films, both huge fans of Alan Wake have been working with Remedy and Sam Lake to make this happen. They have now attached a showrunning Executive Producer to the project, Peter Calloway.

Peter has worked on shows like Legion, Cloak and Dagger, and Under the Dome. Getting him on board as a showrunner was an obvious choice – he really gets what the vision of Alan Wake is. His work on Legion especially serves as a great example on how he might adapt the disturbing and disorienting world that Sam and the team have created in Alan Wake. And he’s going to have some expert help – Sam will be intricately involved with the project as Executive Producer.

Jon Jashni advised Contradiction and Remedy on the transaction and will executive produce through his company Raintree Ventures. This team will now try to make the TV series a reality.

We want to help create something that will faithfully show the world of Alan Wake and please both newcomers to the franchise as well as the hardcore fans. We’ll definitely be sharing news about this with you as it comes up, so keep an eye out.

And for those of you who will undoubtedly be asking whether this means that a new Alan Wake game is forthcoming, right now we are busy making Control and Crossfire 2 / HD Story Mode as well as our recently announced Vanguard project, and we will be busy with those for the foreseeable future.