Blowing shit up

Originally Elmeri joined Remedy to do post-processing work for Alan Wake’s cinematics, and later on, he became the main VFX Artist for Quantum Break. The entire studio’s and VFX team’s work in Quantum Break was recently nominated at the Visual Effects Society awards in the real-time category. While we lost out on the award, our […]


Workflow Driven Tools Design by Vesa Paakkanen, Senior Tools Programmer Game Developers Conference 2018 Presentation Experiments with DirectX Raytracing in Remedy’s Northlight Engine by Tatu Aalto, Lead Graphics Programmer Game Developers Conference 2018 Presentation Developing the Northlight Engine: Lessons Learned by Ville Timonen, Graphics Programmer Game Developers Conference 2016 Presentation D: Using an Emerging Language in […]

Remedy goes multiplayer

As announced last July, we’re busy working on CROSSFIRE 2 story mode with Smilegate, as well as building something totally new with a second (as of yet unannounced) game project. This includes working on the long-term roadmap for Northlight, our proprietary game engine and tools. As an independent studio in the highly competitive games business, […]

Quantum Break coming to Steam and PC retail on Sept 29th

Update 2.9.2016:  Due to additional time required for mastering and manufacturing the Quantum Break – Timeless Collector’s Edition for retail, the decision has been made to move the release to September 29th. This concerns both, the Steam version, as well as the retail edition. Original post: Remedy, in collaboration with Nordic Games and Microsoft Studios, are […]

Smilegate & Remedy Entertainment announce partnership

At the CROSSFIRE Vision Summit held in Shanghai during the China Joy 2016 conference, Smilegate revealed that Remedy is responsible for developing the story mode for the upcoming CROSSFIRE 2. The whole team here at Remedy is incredibly excited to be a key partner in developing the future of the CROSSFIRE franchise. Smilegate specifically chose […]

Celebrating 15 Years of Max Payne

Our friends over at the longest running Max Payne community site PayneReactor are organizing a similarly long-running giveaway event with multiple rounds and extra special prizes. Taking part is easy: share your fondest Max Payne memories on Twitter with hashtag #MaxPayne15, and you’re in! More details here.

State of the Studio

First things first: we’ll continue supporting Quantum Break, which became the “biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios published IP this generation”. It’s something we’re extremely proud of, so thank you to all of our fans for making the game a success and our long-time partner Microsoft for helping us create something unique. Keep playing, giving feedback and […]

New Quantum Break soundtrack piece and ringtones for free

Petri Alanko – Bridges of Hope | Download MP3 | Download WAV Alan Wake Ringtone | Download MP3 | Download M4R Monarch Solutions Theme Ringtone | Download MP3 | Download M4R Monarch Stutter Tech Theme Ringtone | Download MP3 | Download M4R Monarch Tech Gesture 1 Ringtone | Download MP3 | Download M4R Monarch Tech […]