Wrapping up 2020

This year we celebrated Remedy’s twenty-fifth anniversary. We wanted to hold a big party with all our friends and partners, since you only turn twenty-five once, but unfortunately, COVID-19 said no. Instead, we raised a toast to each other and ourselves together on Zoom, celebrating with champagne and while wearing our special 25th anniversary shirt, created specifically for Remedians. (Mental note, never put future release dates on shirts…)

Did you know that our first game, Death Rally, was made by a very small team of people that rose out of the Finnish demo scene? Death Rally was published in 1995, and this year we made the classic version of the game free for everyone on Steam, forever. You can get it here! As one Steam user says: “a little piece of history, and there is nothing not to like about that”.

2020 was another milestone for us – Alan Wake came out ten years ago. We celebrated with Bright Falls Week, a week of streams of Alan Wake by content creators we love to collaborate with. You also shared your memories of the game with us across social media. There were so many incredible, fun, cool and touching memories (one of them even made us cry!), but we have to single out the Alan Wake browser game that one of our fans made – you can play it here.

You were able to get a first glimpse of what Remedy’s single-player campaign for CrossfireX looks like, which was revealed exclusively during the Xbox Games Showcase this July. Everyone got a first taste of Operation Spectre, which will be told from the perspective of Black List, one of the two warring mercenary factions from the world of Crossfire. Our single-player campaign will explore the global conflict between Global Risk and Black List, delving deeper into the world of CrossfireX that was originally created by our partners at Smilegate Entertainment.

CrossfireX is the first version of the game to come to console, releasing exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X in 2021.

We are also preparing for the CrossfireHD PC release in China, published by Tencent in 2021, which will also include our single-player operations.

In 2020 we also released the two expansions for Control. The Foundation and AWE came out, and you had a lot of fun exploring the bedrock of the Oldest House and the abandoned Investigations Sector.

AWE was the first piece of content from one of our games that has been created almost entirely while working from home. We’re lucky to have been able to adapt to remote work quite well, thanks in large part to our highly skilled IT team.

2020 was Control’s first anniversary, and we made a short thank you video for our community, featuring some of your work and quick thank-yous from Sam Lake, Mikael Kasurinen, and Courtney Hope and Matthew Porretta.

Since the launch of Control, we have released several free updates, including a new game mode (Expeditions), the Photo Mode, new Service Weapon forms for all players, and the Assist Mode options to make Control more accessible for all kinds of different players. Which is a whole lot more than we were able to do with our past games.

You spent a whole year with Control, playing it on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also on Nintendo Switch, in Xbox Game Pass, and in a very limited fashion on Amazon Luna in the US. Here’s some fresh statistics we gathered for you on the time you spent in the Oldest House:

We announced something big – we signed with Epic Games to publish two new multi-platform games. We can’t wait to show you what we are working on, but it’s going to be a while until you see it. We have always aimed to be open with our work, but only when we have something meaningful to show.

AWE has been our first step into showing you the Remedy connected universe (or RCU), and we are already working on a future Remedy game that takes place in the same universe. Of course, each of our games stands on its own, but we want them to also serve as gateways into a larger universe, where more experiences are waiting for you.

When we say we'd make games from anywhere, we mean it.

2020 has been a strange, challenging year for a lot of us. Many of us haven’t been working at the studio for a long enough time that it’s going to be weird once we do come back. But we hope to all be back as soon as it’s safe. And until then, we’ll keep making games for you from our living rooms, offices, sofas and wherever there’s a stable internet connection.

2021 is going to be exciting. See you all next year!

Vida Starčević (Community Manager)

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version available on Nintendo Switch

Exciting news coming out of the Nintendo Direct Mini – together with our publisher 505 Games, we are making Control available to Nintendo Switch owners with Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version.

Announced today, Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version has launched through Nintendo eShop. This version of Control includes the base game, both expansions (The Foundation and AWE), all additional game modes (Expeditions and Photo Mode), and all free updates released since the original launch of the game.

Control on Switch features ray tracing! You can choose between an Enhanced Graphics mode at 30 FPS with ray tracing on, or an Enhanced Performance mode at 60 FPS with ray tracing off. The game comes with cloud save synchronization and full support for handheld mode, tabletop mode, and TV mode, so you can pick up and play Control on your Switch anywhere with a stable internet connection.

We are excited to hear what the Nintendo community thinks of Control. We hope you enjoy discovering the secrets of the Federal Bureau of Control and putting Jesse’s supernatural abilities to use against the Hiss!


Vida Starcevic

Community Manager

Remedy Entertainment turns 25 years old

To (not all of) the studio in 2019, with some visiting Kojima Productions friends joining in the photo op…

… to today, when we raised a toast to our 25th birthday on Zoom.

That shirt everyone is wearing? Every year, we create a special garment for our employees – usually it’s a hoodie, but this year we made a celebratory 25th anniversary shirt. Modelled below by some of our devs! You can see more photos on our Instagram.

We have a saying at Remedy that we like to use – making games is hard. And it would be even harder without the support of our fans and our community. Some of you have been with us and our games almost from the start.

Julie Ducroz on Twitter said: “As a kid, I was watching my dad playing Max Payne. Few years later, I tried to play myself and fell in love with The Fall of Max Payne. Late Goodbye still hits me right in the heart making me yell its lyrics out loud. Alan Wake’s story [is] just beyond everything I ever witnessed. Now, watching it come back a decade later as a part of Control (another amazing game, huh), I can’t stop tears of happiness.”

We’ve had stories like these come in throughout the month in our #RMD25 hashtag – our community sharing how Remedy’s games helped them through tough times, how Alan Wake made them start writing, how Max Payne encouraged them to create mods, and how drawing fanart of our characters made them take up art. Some have even started a career in games thanks to, in part, Remedy’s games.

You are not alone here – Remedy counts over 280 employees today, and a lot of us came to work at the studio because we were fans of the games Remedy created. A legendary example is our Principal Gameplay Designer, Tommi, who started out with modding Max Payne and dropped out of college at 21 to pursue a career in game design. He’s been at Remedy ever since.

Through our 25 years, we’ve stuck to the principles that our games need to have a strong narrative, iconic, memorable characters, and a world that’s immersive and detailed enough you can get lost in it.

“You can have all kinds of ideas. But if you have a group of people believing in an idea, then miracles will happen,” Sam Lake said of our studio culture in 2016. In 2020, these words are still true.

So – thank you for letting us make miracles for these past 25 years, and to craft stories that we believe in. We’ll keep finding new ways to be creative, being ambitious, and bringing new, unique experiences to you – hopefully, for many more years to come.


From Espoo with love,

Remedy Entertainment

Control Ultimate Edition is coming to Steam on August 27th

This is the complete version of the game – buying the Control Ultimate Edition gets you the original game as well as both expansions (The Foundation and AWE), Photo Mode, Expeditions, along with all previous content updates to the game. How can you say no?

Other than a digital release, Control Ultimate Edition will also have a physical edition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is expected to launch by the end of 2020.

As we’ve announced before, Control will be coming to next-gen consoles. Control Ultimate Edition will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X by the end of 2020, with a physical disc-release for those consoles expected in early 2021.

Players who buy Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be offered a free next-gen digital upgrade. More details about that will follow later.

For more information and a complete FAQ of what Control Ultimate Edition contains, visit the official Control website.

AWE: The first Remedy Connected Universe crossover event

By now, you have maybe seen the trailer for AWE, our next expansion for Control. For over 10 years, we’ve had a crazy dream. The idea that the tales told in some of our games would be connected to each other, a connected world of stories and events with shared characters and lore. Each game is a stand-alone experience, but each game is also a doorway into a larger universe with exciting opportunities for crossover events.

Slowly, patiently, behind the scenes, we’ve been planning and plotting to make this a reality. I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that now, the time has come to take the first concrete step on this road, establishing Remedy Connected Universe. You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to finally make this statement.

What took place in 2010 in Alan Wake is one of the cases that the Federal Bureau of Control has been investigating. The AWE expansion is the first official Remedy Connected Universe crossover event, bringing more Alan Wake lore into Control.

And this is still just a humble beginning. We’re already hard at work on a future Remedy game that also takes place in this same universe.

I hope you enjoy the AWE expansion.


Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy.

First look at the CrossfireX single-player campaign

The single-player campaign is just one part of the overall CrossfireX experience developed by Smilegate Entertainment. This is the first time we’re bringing our experience in world class storytelling to a fast-paced, military first-person shooter. With the single-player campaign, we add depth and nuance to the world of Crossfire by showing different sides of Black List and Global Risk, who players have been playing as in the multiplayer for over a decade.

Our aim is to tell a story together with Smilegate that’s recognizably Remedy, in the FPS genre, and to show the real chaos that happens behind enemy lines in a unique, cinematic experience.

Here is a collection of links of previews of the campaign.

IGN: CrossfireX Campaign Preview: Remedy Goes Full Call of Duty in its First FPS

Game Informer: CrossfireX Preview – How Remedy is Tackling the Military Shooter Genre

The Verge: Control developer Remedy explores military shooters with CrossfireX on Xbox One

The trailers shows footage from the part of the single-player campaign called Operation Spectre. You heard the name Torres. He is one of the main protagonists of the campaign, a petty thief who becomes Black List’s savior from the might of Global Risk. You’ll also meet a number of other characters, because Torres isn’t a solitary hero – we are conveying a sense of camaraderie of a finely-tuned special operations team heading into battle.

The focus in this Operation is on Black List, but you will also be able to experience the action through the perspective of Global Risk characters in a different Operation. The campaign is structured into Operations, which are split into episodes.

For more information, please visit the game’s official website.

Vida Starčević

Community Manager

Celebrating 10 years of Alan Wake

Alan Wake is special to so many of you, and it’s a project that’s very dear to us at Remedy as well. This anniversary is a chance for us to look back on the game which became an unexpected, award-winning cult hit and fan favorite. Alan Wake holds TIME Magazine’s 2010 Game of the Year award, IGN’s Best Horror Game on the Xbox 360, and it’s the Reader’s Choice winner of Gamespot’s Best Original IP award. Even though it’s a game that has its tenth birthday today, the fanbase is just as passionate about it as ever.

We’re celebrating the past and Bright Falls! Our hashtag this year is #10yearsofAlanWake – you can follow along on social media to see everything we’re up to.

First off, we are working together with seven streamers who will be streaming Alan Wake from 14th to 20th May. Check the full schedule below!

We are kicking off Bright Falls Week with a special stream on Twitch, which will feature our Creative Director Sam Lake (lead writer on Alan Wake), and actors Matthew Porretta and Ilkka Villi, who both portrayed Alan Wake. Matthew was the voice talent for Alan Wake, while Ilkka served as Alan’s likeness and physical performance. The stream starts at 11am EDT.

You can watch the streamers on their own channels, or you can tune in on our Twitch channel, where all the streams will also be hosted.

All participating streamers will be offering a special Alan Wake anniversary emote!

As part of Bright Falls Week, we are also offering Alan Wake and Alan Wake Collector’s Edition at a 90% discount to PC players on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store (Alan Wake base game only). The sale starts May 14th, today!

And since Alan Wake has had such a devoted fan following since release, we have created a special item exclusively for this event. We made a limited number of mini Maglite flashlights with the Alan Wake 10th anniversary logo. These come in signed and hand-numbered boxes, and you will have a chance to win them through a competition in our official Discord server and on our fansites, PayneReactor, The Sudden Stop, and Comunidad Remedy.

The competition opens at 2pm EEST today, May 14th. You can participate until May 21st at 10am EEST. Check the full terms and conditions of the competition here. Participating streamers will also be giving them out during their streams.

Thank you – to all of you who’ve been fans since the game came out, as well as to those who have only recently discovered the game. Thank you especially to our fansites, PayneReactor, The Sudden Stop, and Comunidad Remedy, who’ve been covering all things Remedy and Alan Wake and stayed big fans of our work for so long! We hope you enjoy Bright Falls Week!


Vida Starcevic

Community Manager

Alan Wake 10th anniversary competition terms and conditions

Alan Wake 10th Anniversary Competition, May 2020

1. There will be a total of 10 prizes awarded, each comprising of a mini Maglite flashlight with the Alan Wake 10th anniversary logo, which comes in a hand-numbered and signed box. There is no alternative prize.

2. To enter, share a memory of Alan Wake in a format of your choice (writing, digital/traditional art, photography, cosplay, etc). Post your entry in the competition channel in the official Remedy Entertainment Discord server, or enter via one of our fansites, The Sudden Stop, Payne Reactor, or Comunidad Remedy. Your written entries should not exceed 400 words. If you are submitting your entry in a different format, you can include supporting text of no more than 100 words.

3. One entry per person.

4. By entering you guarantee that you own your work and aren’t infringing on any copyrights.

5. The competition closes on Thursday, May 21st, at 10am EEST.

6. Remedy employees will decide on the winners. Our decision is final.

7. The winners will be contacted via their method of entry (Discord or email) within two weeks of the end of the competition. If the winners are not reachable, we’ll be contacting the runners-up until a winner is selected.

8. Access to the competition is free: you do not need to own Alan Wake to enter.

7. The competition is open to entrants worldwide (unless prohibited by your country’s laws).

10. Any personal information you provide us will be protected by our Privacy Policy.

11. Remedy Entertainment employees cannot take part in this promotion.

12. Remedy Entertainment will NOT accept responsibility for prizes that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit for any reason or in any way.

Martti Suosalo wins a BAFTA Games Award for Control

The BAFTA Games Award for Performer in a Supporting Role went to Martti Suosalo last night, for his role of Ahti the janitor in Control.

As Ahti would say, it’s place for congratulations!

Martti Suosalo’s performance of Ahti is one that stands out to a lot of players of Control: his humming, his strange way of speaking (in directly translated Finnish idioms), and the fact that he appears to be more than just your regular janitor.

Watch Martti’s acceptance speech below.

The big winners of the BAFTA Games Award last night are definitely Studio ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium and Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds, which went home with three golden masks each. Congratulations also to Hideo Kojima for receiving the BAFTA Games Fellowship Award for his contribution to the medium of video games as a whole.

If you missed the live ceremony, the whole thing is available to watch on YouTube.

Some of our Remedians were on the BAFTAs virtual red carpet as well! Below, an interview with the Executive Producer on Control, Juha Vainio, and Remedy’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha.

Our leading actress, Courtney Hope, was also on the virtual red carpet, with a guest appearance from Stevie, one of her dogs.

Congratulations once again to all the winners and nominees! We are all grateful to be in such talented company.

Vida Starčević (Community Manager)

Control’s first expansion The Foundation available now

If you own the Digital Deluxe version of Control for PlayStation 4, you automatically have access to The Foundation expansion. If you own the PlayStation 4 base game or PC version from the Epic Games Store, by buying the Season Pass you will get access to The Foundation and the upcoming second expansion for Control, AWE, which will be released later this summer. Remember – to access The Foundation expansion in the game, you will need to have completed the main storyline of the game and finished the final mission, Take Control.

We’ve also released a free update for Control, for all platforms. The update includes improved map readability, the new Shield Rush upgrade to the Shield ability, a revised ability tree with the option of reallocating spent Ability Points, and other quality of life improvements. You can read the full update notes for the March update here.

A new feature released for free to PC players is the introduction of NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology, a new and improved deep learning neural network powered by RTX Tensor Cores that boosts frame rates and generates beautiful, sharp images. If you have an RTX card, you can see what DLSS 2.0 looks like in Control, first hand.

Because the good Control news don’t stop coming, here’s one more – the original soundtrack, awarded the D.I.C.E. Award for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition, was released on March 24th and is available for digital streaming and purchase worldwide. You can listen to the soundtrack, composed by Petri Alanko and Martin Stig Andersen, here.

For all things Control and The Foundation, please visit Control’s official website and social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Discuss Control and The Foundation on Control’s official Discord server!

And have fun playing!

Vida Starčević (Community Manager)