Control nominated for eight D.I.C.E. Awards, five GDC Awards

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) announced the nominees for its 23rd annual D.I.C.E. Awards, and Control was nominated in eight categories:

Game of the Year
Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
Action Game of the Year
Outstanding Technical Achievement
Outstanding Achievement in Story
Outstanding Achievement in Original Music
Outstanding Achievement in Character
Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

The D.I.C.E. Awards are decided by members of the Academy, and as such are entirely peer-juried – developers voting for developers. Think of them as the equivalent of the Oscars for the gaming industry. General voting is already underway, and the winners will be announced at the D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony on February 13th in Las Vegas, as the final event of this year’s D.I.C.E. Summit. Hey – Remedy will be at the D.I.C.E. Summit, too! Our Communications Director, Thomas Puha, will be a part of a panel on studio identity and why it matters. Follow all things D.I.C.E. 2020 using the hashtag #DICE2020.

GDC has also revealed the nominees for the 20th annual Game Developers Choice Awards, a peer-based video game event honoring developers and the games we make. We are honored to have received nominations for Control in the following five categories:

Game of the Year
Best Visual Art
Best Audio
Best Technology
Best Narrative
Game of the Year

Control also got honorable mentions in the Best Design and Innovation Award categories. Thank you! Several development team members will be presenting in-depth talks at GDC, from VFX to how we built the Ashtray Maze.

The winners of the Game Developers Choice Awards will be announced at the official GDCA ceremony on March 18th in San Francisco, during the 2020 Game Developers Conference. All GDC pass holders can attend, and if you can’t be there in person, it will be livestreamed on Twitch.

Thank you to the members of the AIAS and all our peers for the nominations! It feels really special to be recognized in such a way by fellow developers.

Vida Starčević (Community Manager)

Wrapping up 2019

The biggest thing for us this year was obviously Control’s launch at the end of August. We have made a lot of trailers in-house for Control, but the launch trailer up there is probably the one our team is the most proud of. You have no idea how long it took us to pick the right music for it. (Hours? Days!) In the end, we decided that the song Madness by Ruelle was a perfect fit. It was great to see that the fans agreed.

Speaking of music, Control wasn’t just a reunion of acting talent already familiar to Remedy fans, like Courtney Hope, Matthew Porretta, and James McCaffrey, but we also got Poets of the Fall to participate on Control’s soundtrack, with two of their songs, My Dark Disquiet and Take Control, in which they assumed their Old Gods of Asgard identity once again and led Jesse through the Ashtray Maze.

Thank you to everyone who called the Ashtray Maze their favorite moment in gaming, on social media and elsewhere. We’ll have lots more to say on how the Ashtray Maze was made at GDC 2020, so stay tuned for that.

Control was a risk for us in many ways – our first Metroidvania-inspired game, for which we had to implement considerable changes to our in-house Northlight Engine to make it run smoothly, our first Photo Mode, first DLCs, and also, thematically, our weirdest game yet. That risk seems to have paid off, though. Control has been out for about three months and it has already been acknowledged with a number of awards, including the Critics’ Choice Golden Joystick, IGN’s Game of the Year 2019, and the Best Art Direction award in The Game Awards. We made a number of GOTY lists, as well – read more about that in this blog post. And of course, the community on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter has been active and creative ever since launch. Thank you! Two DLCs are coming next year, The Foundation and AWE. We look forward to sharing them with you!

We are still working on Crossfire, and our partnership with Smilegate Entertainment remains strong. This year X019 saw the debut of the multiplayer trailer for Crossfire X, which is coming out on Xbox next year, and contains the singleplayer campaign developed by our studio. Read more about that here!

We are working on other projects, as well – Vanguard is coming along nicely, there’s still work to do on Crossfire, and there’s also another, unannounced project that’s in its early stages. Have a look at our job openings – we are always looking for talented people.

From all of us at Remedy, thank you for your continued support in 2019. Thank you for loving Control. See you next year!

All the best for the holidays and happy New Year,

Vida Starčević (Community Manager)

Control wins Best Art Direction at The Game Awards

Control was nominated for eight Game Awards, including 2019 Game of the Year, and we’re proud to say that we have won Best Art Direction for Control! Thank you so much to our community, all the players, the press, and everyone who has supported Control since launch. Being nominated alone is amazing, and we’re very grateful for it. Winning Best Art Direction is a huge honor, and we’re overwhelmed by everyone’s outpouring of love and support for our game.

This week we also won a number of other awards – IGN announced that Control was their Game of the Year, and we recorded a reaction video with some of the team, in which our Creative Director, Sam Lake, announced what we’d won live on camera. IGN also gave Control the Best Action/Adventure, Best Art Direction, and Best Story.

The readers of Official PlayStation Magazine UK also honored Control as their Game of the Year! Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us, we hope you will keep supporting us in the future as well.

And today Polygon announced that Control was #2 on their Game of the Year list. They called Control our “finest game thus far, set in a remarkable world that’s unlike that of any video game before it.” Thank you!

Paste Magazine has named Control their #1 GOTY of 2019. Our studio was also named one of the People of the Year according to These are both awesome acknowledgements, thank you!

Lastly, of course, there’s Expeditions, the new game mode for Control that we announced earlier in the year. The December update which contains the Expeditions mode is now available to all owners of Control, across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Expeditions expand Jesse’s story, taking her to new areas of the Threshold, each with its own unique challenges for her to overcome. Players who successfully complete Expeditions will be rewarded with rare mods and powerful crafting materials unique to the mode, as well as a new outfit for Jesse.

Beginning today, players who have completed the main story mission “My Brother’s Keeper” in Control can use the mysterious Jukebox locked away in a room in Central Executive to access Expeditions. By obtaining Jukebox Tokens, players will be able to hear the song that has the power to transport Jesse into a different dimension. For more information on Expeditions, please visit this blog post. You’ll find the update notes here, and for a condensed look at what this update is about, visit the FAQ.

Enjoy Expeditions! Show us your best times and give us your feedback using the #ControlRemedy hashtag on social media.

Vida Starcevic (Community Manager)

Control takes home Golden Joystick, nominated for eight Game Awards

The past couple of weeks have been especially memorable as the season of video game awards is slowly gaining momentum. We’ve been fortunate to win something already, and to be nominated for some of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Juha Vainio (Control Executive Producer), Thomas Puha (Remedy Entertainment Communications Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Control Game Director), and Tuukka Taipalvesi (CrossfireX Executive Producer) attended the 37th Golden Joysticks award ceremony in London earlier this month, where Control had the honor to take home the Critics’ Choice Award.

Juha and Mikael had to miss the acceptance speech, as they had to catch their flight back to Helsinki, but they made it to the red carpet before the event, at least!

Watch the critics’ tribute to Control from the Golden Joysticks below:

Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden) was at our studio last week to do some work for the upcoming Control DLC, and that’s how the Creative Director and the Director of the FBC met.

And then on November 19th, The Game Awards nominees were announced. It is an incredible honor to have Control nominated for a staggering eight awards, and here they are:
Best Narrative
Best Art Direction
Best Performance: Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden)
Best Performance: Matthew Porretta (Dr Casper Darling)
Best Audio Design
Best Action/Adventure Game
Best Game Direction
Game of the Year

A part of which studio takes home one of the Game Awards also depends on you, the fans – you can vote every 24 hours here. Please consider supporting Control in The Game Awards!

To celebrate the Game Awards nominations, and all the critical recognition Control has received since launch, we’ve created an accolades trailer, featuring the striking opening credits for Control. Watch it below!

Finally, we sincerely want to thank everybody who has been supporting Control and Remedy. Please support us in the future, and look forward to those upcoming DLCs!

Thanks for everything!

Vida Starcevic (Community Manager)

New CrossfireX gameplay shown at X019

CrossfireX will be the new action-packed, free to play first-person shooter from Smilegate Entertainment, utilizing the CrossFire IP. It is also the first Crossfire game coming to Xbox One in 2020.

Remedy Entertainment are in charge of creating the single-player campaign for CrossfireX and bringing years of Crossfire lore to life.

In CrossfireX, you will be immersed in a sprawling global conflict between Global Risk and Black List, two of the world’s most formidable private military factions. Global Risk’s agents use advanced technology to fight for order and security, while Black List’s mercenaries fight to destabilize regimes in the name of freedom. This isn’t a story of good versus evil, it’s about a clash between two opposing factions which exist in shades of gray when it comes to morality.

X019 also saw the premiere of a new, very special episode of Inside Xbox, which featured Executive Producer of the CrossfireX team at Remedy Entertainment Tuukka Taipalvesi, Smilegate Entertainment’s Technical Art Director Jin Woo Jung, and Director of Production at Xbox Global Partner Publishing Nico Bihary, who talked about our global collaboration on the game.

Watch it below!

For more information on CrossfireX, visit the official Xbox CrossFireX website.

CrossfireX coming to Xbox One in 2020

At the Microsoft E3 briefing today it was revealed that CrossfireX will be the first Crossfire game to come to console, launching on Xbox One in 2020, with unique content for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

With a 10-year history and 650 million registered players over that time, Crossfire is one of the most played PC games in the world. Two mercenary corporations, Black List and Global Risk, battle each other in epic global conflict. You will play as either a member of Global Risk or Black List, joining a team that needs to work together to complete objective-based scenarios.

CrossfireX is being developed by Smilegate Entertainment, based in Seoul, South Korea, and Remedy Entertainment are proud to be one of their development partners, working on the single player campaign for CrossfireX.

Read the official post from Sooro Boo, Executive Producer at Smilegate Entertainment here.

Wrapping up 2018

We still can’t believe we and our publisher 505 Games managed to keep Control a secret all the way to the Sony E3 Media Briefing. Once we went live there, we have been dropping information and content on Control ever since, but we know you are hungry for more.

We just released a brand new Control trailer via IGN First, you can see it here. Control’s Game Director Mikael “Mixu” Kasurinen wanted to show more of the world of Control and lift the lid, just a little bit, on the mystery of the Oldest House. We also did a Twitch livestream looking back on the year – you can catch up on the VOD on Twitch here. Next time we show you Control, we are going to be focusing on the gameplay.

Courtney Hope, Creative Director Sam Lake, and Performance Director Hannah Price


Our star Courtney Hope has been at the studio all week to bring Jesse to life and we’ll have a lot more to show in 2019, but it’s still gonna take a while. We only debuted Control back in June, so when it comes to getting to play the game and knowing things like the release date, well, hold on for a while yet…

If you have been following Remedy, you might have noticed that we are working on several different projects. We know Crossfire HD is a mystery to you. We are keen to let you see our and Smilegate’s work on the future for the CrossFire franchise – arriving to the Asian market first – so stay tuned. We have actually wrapped up the majority of the work on Crossfire HD quite a while ago and are already working on future CrossFire experiences.

Our close collaboration with Nvidia led to the Control RTX trailer at gamescom showcasing ray-tracing. We’ll have some pretty killer looking content showcasing RTX in 2019.

At the very end of August we announced the formation of our Vanguard team. They are exploring the multiplayer side of things on the PC and figuring out how to bring a Remedy experience into that space. We got a good mix of veteran Remedy devs and new blood on that one. We’ll have something to share on Vanguard at some point in 2019.

In September we announced that an Alan Wake TV show was in the works – Peter Calloway of Cloak and Dagger fame is signed on as showrunner, and our own Sam Lake will be helping out as executive producer. This is a big step on a long journey, so it might be a while before we can share more information about how the project is going.

Finally, as if we didn’t have our plates full enough, there’s also a fourth project in its formative phases. It’s still very, very, very far away from being done, but it’s happening and you know, why not take a look at our job openings and come help make it!

From all of us at Remedy, thank you for your support in 2018. Instead of watching and reading vague hints about what Remedy does, in 2019, you’ll be experiencing what we do first hand.


Merry Christmas & happy New Year,

Thomas Puha (Communications Director)

Vida Starcevic (Associate Community Manager)

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Remedy signs a new game project with Smilegate

Remedy has developed a single-player story mode for the next versions of Smilegate’s highly successful first-person shooter CROSSFIRE. Most of Remedy’s development work has been finalized and the majority of Remedy’s CROSSFIRE development team is focusing on the new project.

“It’s been exciting to get to know the vast world of CROSSFIRE and use our storytelling skills to create new CROSSFIRE single-player experiences. The quality of the story mode we’ve developed, the excellent working relationship with Smilegate, and the high motivation of our CROSSFIRE development team make us really happy to continue our strong partnership”, says Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment.

“We are happy with what Remedy has developed to expand the variety of the CROSSFIRE IP, and to provide impressive and exciting gameplay experiences for players through the single-player story mode.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Remedy and creating new high-quality experiences to FPS players all over the world”, says Ina Jang, CEO of Smilegate Entertainment.

CROSSFIRE, created and owned by Smilegate, is one of the world’s most popular first-person shooters. It has over 650 million registered players in 80 countries and over 8.5 million simultaneous players. CROSSFIRE generates over billion dollars in annual revenue.

About Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment Plc. is a globally successful console and PC game company founded in 1995 and based in Espoo, Finland. Remedy creates cinematic blockbuster action games that break media boundaries and push the envelope of 3D character technology, storytelling and visual effects. For further information:

About Smilegate

CROSSFIRE, created and owned by Smilegate, is the world’s most popular first-person shooter with over 8.5 million concurrent players and 650 million registered players.

Smilegate currently services CROSSFIRE in 80 countries throughout Asia, Europe, South and North American regions.

With expertise in game development and global service operations, Smilegate continues to build on success and expands its global business, creating online and mobile games in a wide variety of genre such as FPS, MMORPG, VR, and more. For further information: