Alan Wake Remastered reemerges from the darkness on October 5th

We at Remedy are excited to finally announce the long-awaited, much-anticipated Alan Wake Remastered – the complete Alan Wake experience. Featuring both story expansions The Signal and The Writer, Alan Wake Remastered is releasing on PC via the Epic Games Store, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S and for the first time ever – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with […]

Playtest privacy policy

What kind of personal data do we collect from Playtest participants and on what legal grounds? Prior to participating in any playtest, we always request that you sign a consent and grant us explicit consent to collect and use your personal data in accordance with this Playtest Privacy policy. You may withdraw your consent at […]

Playtesting at Remedy: be a part of how we make games

What is a playtest and why do we playtest?   The main goal of playtesting is to assess the design decisions and make sure our players understand, find, and use all the features we put in our games. We want to make those features enjoyable. If we put this puzzle here, is it possible for you to solve it? If we add […]

Wrapping up 2020

This year we celebrated Remedy’s twenty-fifth anniversary. We wanted to hold a big party with all our friends and partners, since you only turn twenty-five once, but unfortunately, COVID-19 said no. Instead, we raised a toast to each other and ourselves together on Zoom, celebrating with champagne and while wearing our special 25th anniversary shirt, […]

Control Ultimate Edition is coming to Steam on August 27th

This is the complete version of the game – buying the Control Ultimate Edition gets you the original game as well as both expansions (The Foundation and AWE), Photo Mode, Expeditions, along with all previous content updates to the game. How can you say no? Other than a digital release, Control Ultimate Edition will also […]

First look at the CrossfireX single-player campaign

The single-player campaign is just one part of the overall CrossfireX experience developed by Smilegate Entertainment. This is the first time we’re bringing our experience in world class storytelling to a fast-paced, military first-person shooter. With the single-player campaign, we add depth and nuance to the world of Crossfire by showing different sides of Black […]

Celebrating 10 years of Alan Wake

Alan Wake is special to so many of you, and it’s a project that’s very dear to us at Remedy as well. This anniversary is a chance for us to look back on the game which became an unexpected, award-winning cult hit and fan favorite. Alan Wake holds TIME Magazine’s 2010 Game of the Year […]

Alan Wake 10th anniversary competition terms and conditions

Alan Wake 10th Anniversary Competition, May 2020 1. There will be a total of 10 prizes awarded, each comprising of a mini Maglite flashlight with the Alan Wake 10th anniversary logo, which comes in a hand-numbered and signed box. There is no alternative prize. 2. To enter, share a memory of Alan Wake in a […]

New CrossfireX gameplay shown at X019

CrossfireX will be the new action-packed, free to play first-person shooter from Smilegate Entertainment, utilizing the CrossFire IP. It is also the first Crossfire game coming to Xbox One in 2020. Remedy Entertainment are in charge of creating the single-player campaign for CrossfireX and bringing years of Crossfire lore to life. In CrossfireX, you will […]

CrossfireX coming to Xbox One in 2020

At the Microsoft E3 briefing today it was revealed that CrossfireX will be the first Crossfire game to come to console, launching on Xbox One in 2020, with unique content for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. With a 10-year history and 650 million registered players over that time, Crossfire is one of the most played PC […]