CrossfireX coming to Xbox One in 2020

At the Microsoft E3 briefing today it was revealed that CrossfireX will be the first Crossfire game to come to console, launching on Xbox One in 2020, with unique content for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

With a 10-year history and 650 million registered players over that time, Crossfire is one of the most played PC games in the world. Two mercenary corporations, Black List and Global Risk, battle each other in epic global conflict. You will play as either a member of Global Risk or Black List, joining a team that needs to work together to complete objective-based scenarios.

CrossfireX is being developed by Smilegate Entertainment, based in Seoul, South Korea, and Remedy Entertainment are proud to be one of their development partners, working on the single player campaign for CrossfireX.

Read the official post from Sooro Boo, Executive Producer at Smilegate Entertainment here.