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First look at the CrossfireX single-player campaign

The first trailer for the CrossfireX single-player campaign premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase today. Remedy is developing the single-player campaign in close collaboration with Smilegate Entertainment, and the game will be published by Microsoft in 2020. The campaign will be released as part of the premium battle pass of CrossfireX.

The single-player campaign is just one part of the overall CrossfireX experience developed by Smilegate Entertainment. This is the first time we’re bringing our experience in world class storytelling to a fast-paced, military first-person shooter. With the single-player campaign, we add depth and nuance to the world of Crossfire by showing different sides of Black List and Global Risk, who players have been playing as in the multiplayer for over a decade.

Our aim is to tell a story together with Smilegate that’s recognizably Remedy, in the FPS genre, and to show the real chaos that happens behind enemy lines in a unique, cinematic experience.

Here is a collection of links of previews of the campaign.

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The trailers shows footage from the part of the single-player campaign called Operation Spectre. You heard the name Torres. He is one of the main protagonists of the campaign, a petty thief who becomes Black List’s savior from the might of Global Risk. You’ll also meet a number of other characters, because Torres isn’t a solitary hero – we are conveying a sense of camaraderie of a finely-tuned special operations team heading into battle.

The focus in this Operation is on Black List, but you will also be able to experience the action through the perspective of Global Risk characters in a different Operation. The campaign is structured into Operations, which are split into episodes.

For more information, please visit the game’s official website.

Vida Starčević

Community Manager

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