Remedy Entertainment Plc (”Remedy” or ”company”) is a Finnish public limited liability company which in its decision-making and governance complies with Finnish law, the company’s articles of association, the rules and regulation of First North marketplace operated by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, and the governance principles determined by the company’s Board of Directors.

When becoming listed on the First North marketplace, the company is not in compliance with the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association in October 2015 and which applies to companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (“Governance Code”). Based on the view of the company’s management, complying with the Governance Code is not justified in relation to the company’s size and scope of business.

When preparing financial statements and half-year reports, Remedy complies with the Finnish Accounting Standards (FAS) which are based on the Accounting Act and Decree of Finnish law, guidance and statements made by the Accounting Board, and the First North Nordic Rulebook.