1. Profitable and growing entertainment industry
Remedy has enjoyed significant and enduring success on the console and computer game markets. The game company produces blockbuster gaming experiences catering to competitive global markets.

2. Games that stand out
For gamers, Remedy is a hallmark of quality: beautiful, detailed worlds, iconic characters, exciting storylines and a smooth gaming experience. These are the building blocks of unforgettable games that set Remedy apart from its competitors.

3. Solid reputation and experienced professionals
Remedy is an internationally respected company that stands out in the highly competitive game industry thanks to its recognizability. Remedy has assembled a talented and passionate team of professionals with over 20 years of proven experience in creating hits in a business environment that is ever evolving and challenging. In addition to development, the company is also an expert in digital distribution and marketing communications.

4. Efficient production model
Remedy has built a production model that enables the production of several, high-quality games simultaneously. The model is further enhanced by game development technology and tools, allowing Remedy to produce games quickly and efficiently. Gradual transition into several simultaneous game projects is a catalyst for more vigorous business growth.

5. Path towards creation of enduring brands
The ability to create outstanding games with engaging stories represents Remedy’s solid foundation for creating enduring game series and brands that can be expanded to other media, such as books, movies and comics. The extended business model has created increased growth potential for the company, being able to both produce games for partners as well as create in-house game brands.