Released games

Death Rally (1996), Max Payne (2001), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003), Alan Wake (2010), Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (2012) ja Quantum Break (2016).

Game projects

Remedy has two games under development supported by the in-house Northlight® technology team.

The company is collaborating with the South Korean game giant Smilegate by designing and producing two single-player campaigns for the upcoming CrossFire 2 game. CrossFire 2 is a sequel to one of the world’s most popular games, CrossFire. The game has over 650 million registered players in 80 countries, with over 8 million players playing the game simultaneously. CrossFire has sold billions. The game has been a pioneer of the so-called free-to-play games (F2P) in Asia, and Remedy has gained valuable experience in the production of free-to-play massive multiplayer online games (F2P MMO). Finding success in the console and computer game segments may also translate into game brand success in other segments.

The company’s other project under development, Control, involves the creation of a new type of game and world, offering gamers long-lasting game experiences. The company has signed a publishing agreement with the 505 Games, which belongs to the Digital Bros Group, regarding the release of Control for console and computer game platforms. Compared to Remedy’s previous titles, Control will allow players more freedom in completing missions and developing the character, guaranteeing an enduring gaming experience.