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New Remedy boss unlocked

Remedy Entertainment is leveling up as game industry veteran Tero Virtala joins the studio, taking up the position of CEO.

Tero Virtala, newly appointed CEO of Remedy Entertainment.

Highly respected and renowned for his 12 years of leading RedLynx, Tero Virtala was an integral part of the game studio’s continuing success. To Remedy he brings his vast experience of working on a wide range of games, including smaller scale productions as well as service-based AAA titles.

“At the core of Remedy are truly talented and passionate people, and their proven ability to create unique, world-class gaming experiences. As the company moves towards multiple simultaneous game projects, it will offer more opportunities for the gamers, our people, partners and us as a company”, Mr. Virtala says.

Before entering the gaming industry, Tero spent four years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant for strategy development and change management. Since leaving RedLynx in 2014, Tero has been lending his expertise to selected companies via consulting

”Shifting gears into a new production model like this needs to be managed well. In such a talent-filled company like Remedy, one important part of this evolution is to continue empowering our people and project teams more and more. I am excited and honored to be part of Remedy”, he continues.

Remedy’s interim CEO, co-founder and chairman of the board Markus Mäki moves back to overseeing studio productions.

“Tero has been consulting Remedy since spring, helping us refine our vision for the future, so he knows the studio quite well already. It’s a pleasure to get someone with his experience to join the team”, Mr. Mäki says.

Having just announced a partnership with the Korean game company Smilegate Entertainment and co-development of its CROSSFIRE franchise, Remedy is currently running and actively recruiting for multiple projects.

Remedy Entertainment Ltd. is an independent video game developer founded in 1995 and based in Espoo, Finland. Remedy’s previous games include Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne

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