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Quantum Break review recap

Believe it or not, Quantum Break review embargo lifted on April Fool’s Day. Highlights from online outlets below, more reviews, quotes and scores on Metacritic and OpenCritic.

“A game simply never worked like this before, nor has a TV show. Because of that, what might have otherwise been ordinary feels extraordinary.”
– Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

“Quantum Break is the ultimate cinematic game, where the story and the gameplay and the cinematics are all tightly interwoven so that you feel like you are playing inside a movie.”
– Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat

“But, for now, you’ve got the best-looking game on Xbox One, jam-packed full of familiar faces and top-notch acting, complemented by strong gameplay mechanics and a popcorn-crunching TV series.”
– Sam Loveridge, Digital Spy

“All in all, Quantum Break has a lot more to offer than I would have expected: a strong, branching story with a definite opening to continue, solid gunplay and time manipulation mechanics, a stellar cast and a good reason to replay.”
– Matt Gosper, Stevivor

“Remedy made a third-person shooter in which you will fail if you play it like every other third-person shooter. It’s built on movement instead of hesitation, and creativity instead of accuracy.”
– Brett Makedonski, Destructoid

“This is a game that makes the effort to set up establishing character moments, scenes of personal lives, and other humanizing elements where most others can’t stagger beyond the ‘angry white dude avenging a dead family member’ premise.”
– Jim Sterling, Jimquisition

“Some cutscenes are incredible, quickly closing the gap on the uncanny valley between CG and reality, but many other aspects of the game were heavily stylized for artistic effect.”
– Matt Buchholtz, EGMNOW