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Remedy Entertainment turns 25 years old

“We were just making it up as we went,” Sam Lake said about how Remedy got started in an interview with Complex. This was back in 2016, for a documentary on the history of our studio.

Remedy Entertainment grew out of the Finnish demo scene, and came from a basement. We were established as a company in August 1995. Since Death Rally, our first game in 1996, it’s incredible to see what worlds we’ve built together, and how we’ve grown as a company and a culture.

From the Max Payne team in 2001…

To (not all of) the studio in 2019, with some visiting Kojima Productions friends joining in the photo op…

… to today, when we raised a toast to our 25th birthday on Zoom.

That shirt everyone is wearing? Every year, we create a special garment for our employees – usually it’s a hoodie, but this year we made a celebratory 25th anniversary shirt. Modelled below by some of our devs! You can see more photos on our Instagram.

We have a saying at Remedy that we like to use – making games is hard. And it would be even harder without the support of our fans and our community. Some of you have been with us and our games almost from the start.

Julie Ducroz on Twitter said: “As a kid, I was watching my dad playing Max Payne. Few years later, I tried to play myself and fell in love with The Fall of Max Payne. Late Goodbye still hits me right in the heart making me yell its lyrics out loud. Alan Wake’s story [is] just beyond everything I ever witnessed. Now, watching it come back a decade later as a part of Control (another amazing game, huh), I can’t stop tears of happiness.”

We’ve had stories like these come in throughout the month in our #RMD25 hashtag – our community sharing how Remedy’s games helped them through tough times, how Alan Wake made them start writing, how Max Payne encouraged them to create mods, and how drawing fanart of our characters made them take up art. Some have even started a career in games thanks to, in part, Remedy’s games.

You are not alone here – Remedy counts over 280 employees today, and a lot of us came to work at the studio because we were fans of the games Remedy created. A legendary example is our Principal Gameplay Designer, Tommi, who started out with modding Max Payne and dropped out of college at 21 to pursue a career in game design. He’s been at Remedy ever since.

Through our 25 years, we’ve stuck to the principles that our games need to have a strong narrative, iconic, memorable characters, and a world that’s immersive and detailed enough you can get lost in it.

“You can have all kinds of ideas. But if you have a group of people believing in an idea, then miracles will happen,” Sam Lake said of our studio culture in 2016. In 2020, these words are still true.

So – thank you for letting us make miracles for these past 25 years, and to craft stories that we believe in. We’ll keep finding new ways to be creative, being ambitious, and bringing new, unique experiences to you – hopefully, for many more years to come.


From Espoo with love,

Remedy Entertainment