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Wrapping up the year

It’s time to turn back time and take a look at 2016, but also give you a studio update on what to expect from Remedy in 2017.

The past year has been exceptionally eventful for us. First and foremost, we shipped our latest game Quantum Break back in April. As you might imagine, a lot happened during its development, some of which was captured in the making of video below.

The community has also been documenting Quantum Break in action. We’ve been amazed by the gorgeous screenshots and videos you’ve shared with us, so keep ‘em coming! You can simply tweet them to @RemedyGames or send them to [email protected].

In our previous studio update earlier this year, we revealed that Remedy now houses two development teams working on two new games. Our entire 140-person strong studio is in full development mode on both future projects.

Remedy appointed a new CEO halfway through the year as Tero Virtala joined the studio. We’ve been fortunate to have many new developers join our ranks to help us make the best possible games, so a warm welcome to all new remedians!

Having fresh talent onboard, we’ve also been proud to feature Remedy OG’s with our history documented by Complex as well as jammed out by the distinguished gentlemen Sam Lake and Petri Alanko. Let’s see if we can take this show on the road…

As for the games we’re currently developing:

Remedy’s campaign for CrossFire 2 is coming along great, and the development team has been making tremendous progress throughout the year. You should expect to learn more about CrossFire 2 in the not so distant future, but a great amount of work remains to be done for the game.

Our second game in development, Project 7 or P7 (for a lack of a better name) is taking shape on the mysterious third floor of our studio, where the walls are covered with moody concept art. The team is currently prototyping and refining what a Remedy game essentially is.

We talked a bit about our aspirations on game design with Polygon. P7 is an experience that realizes many of the ideas we’ve accumulated over the years, and hopefully turns them into something we can keep building on and have players keep coming back to.

We want to thank our fans and families, as well as our partners at Microsoft and Smilegate for their support during the past year. 2017 is going to be great!

Stay safe and hey, if you want to join us and get a cool new hoodie, take a look at this:

Thomas Puha & the Remedy crew