Interested in how Alan Wake 2 was made? Come and join us at GDC 2024!

Alan Wake

We have eleven talks at GDC to share our knowledge and experience about creating our most ambitious game to date.

Alan Wake 2 has been Remedy Entertainment’s most ambitious published game to date. It is a result of the expertise, hard work, and creativity of many talented developers across disciplines. This GDC, we have the opportunity to share some of that knowledge and experience with fellow game developers. You can look forward to eleven talks in programming, visual arts, audio design, and narrative.

Outside of our work on Alan Wake 2, we are holding a talk on our work with OpenUSD as part of our tech stack, Northlight. Find them at the bottom of the page!

See them all below!

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Adobe Developer Summit: The Environment Art Technology and Workflows of Alan Wake 2 (Presented by Adobe), by Miro Vesterinen (Lead Environment Artist) and Benjamin Lindquist (Principal Technical Environment Artist)

Large Scale GPU-Based Skinning for Vegetation in Alan Wake 2, by Kiya Kandar (Graphics Programmer)

ECS in Practice: The Case Board of Alan Wake 2, by Alexander Balakshin (Senior Gameplay Programmer)

Alan Wake 2: A Deep Dive into Path-Tracing Technology (Presented by NVIDIA), by Kiya Kandar (Graphics Programmer) and Juha Sjöholm (Devtech Engineer, NVIDIA)

The Dark Place of Alan Wake 2: Crafting an Evolving Nightmare Dimension, by Nazareno Urbano (Principal Environment Artist)

The Art of Characters in Alan Wake 2: Character Outfit Creation Process, by John Crossland (Principal Character Artist)

In Your Head: Audio-Driven Everything in Alan Wake 2 and Its Mind Place, by Josh Bell (Senior Audio Designer)

The Player vs Dream Logic: Developing the Mission Structures for Alan Wake 2, by Anne-Marie Grönroos (Lead Level Designer)

Making Linear Story Playable: The Narrative Design of Alan Wake 2, by Simon Wasselin (Lead Narrative Designer) and Molly Maloney (Principal Narrative Designer)

Real-time World Editing Technology in Northlight, by Sebastian Eriksson (Lead Core Engine Programmer)

Building Game Worlds with OpenUSD, by Vesa Paakkanen (Lead Tools Programmer)

Alan Wake 2 has also been nominated in several categories at the GDC Awards – we’re very humbled to be considered for Best Narrative, Best Visual Art, and Best Technology. Congratulations to all our fellow nominees! The winners will be announced at the ceremony on 20th March in San Franciso, and you can also tune in to watch on GDC’s Twitch page.

See you in San Francisco!