Northlight is a focused, state-of-the-art game engine and toolset developed by Remedy Entertainment, empowering our games now and in the future.

Northlight’s plugin-based tools framework and adoption of USD (Universal Scene Description) enable our game development teams to customize their tools and content pipelines to suit their needs. The game runtime is aimed to perform well with ever-expanding virtual game worlds by having a modern and efficient game object model and a GPU-based geometry rendering pipeline.

We strongly believe in the freedom of developing our in-house technology with selected partners, ensuring we control our entire tech stack. Our creative and technology teams closely collaborate to create features that get players excited and make Remedy’s games stand out from the crowd.

Northlight powers games such as Quantum Break, CrossfireX (Story Mode), the multi-award-winning Control and Alan Wake 2, and the next Control games.

Northlight news

Northlight has a rich feature set for creating games for PC and modern, high-end console platforms. Features include physics, audio, AI, rendering, gameplay scripting, UI design, debugging, and profiling.