Northlight in 2023


As Remedy has transformed in recent years from working on a single game to multiple different games simultaneously, our technology and teams are going through a transformation.

The one constant is that we are still committed to using our in-house technology Northlight for most of our games. For many of us at Remedy, it’s highly motivating to work on the tech that enables us to try and do unique features and decide where to focus our efforts.

Back in 2022, as we kept growing, we decided we should be more forthcoming about our technology in the public domain. As more and more development team members (and external development partners) join Remedy, working both on-site and remotely, we have realized we should get a lot better about how we talk about Northlight and everything associated with it. That goes for both internally and externally.

From a public standpoint, we want to give more details on our tech and discuss what kind of technology choices we have made and why. We are doing cool stuff; we should talk about it because we can! It’s our own tech. If you are an coder interested in what we do or are considering working at Remedy, we want to give you a lot better picture of what kind of workflows, pipelines, and tools we use.

We have also finetuned the Northlight logo. We dropped the “Storytelling Engine” from the description. We are still telling stories through our games, but streamlining made sense here because Northlight is so many things to us: the engine, the tools and apps, the cutting-edge content creation pipelines, the team, and so on.

More information is available about our technology and tools on the revamped Northlight section of Remedy’s website. Internally we have a massive update to our in-house Northlight documentation and presentations.

Please take a look at a video we created, where some of our Northlight team members talk about why the tech matters to them; you can see some of the lovely personalities we have working for us, shaping the future of our technology and thus games.

Finally, please read our Technology Director Mika Vehkala’s blog post about game engines and his thoughts on this subject.

Thomas Puha
Communications Director and Northlight fanboy