Wrapping up 2021


“Much of my experience at the End of Time has become a blur in my memory, but there is one detail that I can’t shake. One detail that haunts me. 2021.” – Beth Wilder

Dear Remedy community,  

In 2021, time ended.

On January 5th this year, we reached the end of time, as predicted in Quantum Break.

2021 will haunt us too, although… only in a positive sense. It was a year full of announcements and exciting new ventures for us. At the same time, it was our second year of remote work and rising to meet the challenges of the global pandemic.

Come take a journey back through time with us and read on to see what 2021 looked like for Remedy!

To start with the most recent, and most exciting thing – Alan Wake 2. Confirmed. It’s coming 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on the Epic Games Store. It will be our studio’s first foray into survival horror. We’ve seen your tweets and your reaction videos, we know how excited you are for this. We are just as excited! We can’t wait to share more information about the game with you in the summer. It’s going to be a twisted, weird, and thrilling story, but – more about that later. For now, we leave you with the announcement trailer.

We’re so lucky to have such a passionate, devoted community of Alan Wake fans, and this year we wanted to give back. Therefore, back in September we chose to announce Alan Wake Remastered on The Sudden Stop, one of our longest standing and most loyal fansites. You can read Sam’s letter to the community right here on The Sudden Stop.

Thank you to everyone who played Alan Wake Remastered, whether it’s your first or seventy first time!

This year we celebrated a big milestone – Max Payne, one of our most iconic games, turned 20 years old in July. We got our Creative Director Sam Lake (Max Payne), and one of our most iconic voices James McCaffrey (Max Payne) together for a special tribute video, featuring a unique and well-known jacket.

Although the Max Payne intellectual property is no longer owned by us at Remedy, we recognize that the game still holds a major place in the hearts of so many in our community, and that you indelibly associate it with the Remedy name – thanks for the love!

We went a bit retro in a different direction for April Fools, and released a gameplay trailer for the 1996 version of Control. A surprising number of you said they’d want to play it… Instead, you got Control Ultimate Edition, which we launched in February for next generation consoles.

The Control franchise continueswe announced Condor, which is the code name for a multiplayer spin-off game set in the world of Control. Read more about Condor in a post by Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director of the Control franchise.

This year we released The Art and Making of Control, a gorgeous, enormous and incredibly detailed art book of Control, featuring everything from interview, concept art, early sketches, to photos from the development of the game. Thank you to the talented people at FuturePress for making it happen! Click here for a small unboxing TikTok.

Speaking of TikTok… you should follow Sam Lake on the clock app. Sam opened a TikTok account, and we’ve seen him wrapped in Christmas lights, drinking coffee in a dark forest, and most strikingly, diving into a freezing cold lake (not an ocean) with a steaming cup of coffee, all in the name of entertainment. And to share his excitement about Alan Wake Remastered.

Our publishers at Smilegate Entertainment announced a release date for CrossfireX! Players will be able to enjoy the game, and Remedy’s single-player campaign, on February 10th, 2022. It’s been a long time coming, and we are eager for you to meet the members of Global Risk and Black List, and to hear what you think of Remedy’s first foray into the FPS genre.  

In other Remedy news, we launched several new, exciting things! Firstly, playtesting. Click on that link to find out everything about how we playtest at Remedy. Although we’re currently only looking for playtesters in Finland, our user research team wants players of all skills and with all kinds of interests. That way we can hear your honest opinions and feedback, which helps us to keep creating games of the best quality for you!  

By Leonel Bruzzese
By Leonel Bruzzese

We also started our community hub, where we display the fanworks created by our community, and share content we think our community might like. Check out that submit button there – that’s for all your art, cosplay, and anything else you might make that’s inspired by our games! Every month, we spotlight a very special piece of fanart.

And… something that’s been on the cards for a long time was finally realized this year. The official Remedy merchandise store! You can visit it for all your Control, Alan Wake and Remedy merch needs. We’re trying to create small batch, well-crafted merchandise at affordable prices and made with sustainable materials. The whole Remedy Store operation is run by a very small team, and we are learning a lot as we go. Hopefully we can only improve. Please look forward to more merch drops, and exciting stuff in the future!

Last but not least, we are still hiring. We are accepting applications from all over the world, as always, but this time round, we are also looking for talented people who are willing to work from Sweden. As we’ve embraced a more hybrid model of working, we’ve had multiple Sweden-based senior developers joining our studio and working fully remotely from the second-best Nordic country. (We all know what the best Nordic country is.) You can read more about our plans for Remedy in Sweden right here.

Check our careers page to see our current open roles, and yes – some of these will be for working on Alan Wake 2. And remember our newest recruitment video, which we filmed from home! Watch it here for some interviews with our developers about what it’s like to work at Remedy, and their thoughts on Finnish liquorice.

We are hoping for a bright and exciting 2022! There’s the release of CrossfireX to look forward to, and in the summer, more Alan Wake 2 news. And who knows… maybe other things?

Stay tuned, and stay in the light!

Vida Starčević
Community Manager